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How do I measure for sliding wardrobe doors?

What is the maximum height the doors can be built?

  • Classic - 5000mm
  • Shaker - 5000mm
  • Slimline - 5000mm

What is the maximum width the doors can be built to?

  • Classic - 2490mm (2750 in Oriental Style)
  • Shaker - 2480mm
  • Slimline - 2480mm

What are the width of the Top and Bottom track?

  • Top - 80mm
  • Bottom - 55mm-65mm

What is the size of the Standard Frame?

  • 35mm

What is the size of the Shaker Frame?

  • 75mm

What are the measurements of the lining plates?

  • Strike/Base - 2600mm
  • Long - 90mm
  • Wide - 18mm
  • Thick - End Panel - 2600mm
  • Long - 610mm
  • Wide - 18mm Thick
  • Strike and Base plates are supplied over sized for accurate on site cutting

What does 'Anti-Jump' Mean?

  • This is a wheel design that keeps the wheels in the track so it won't pop out.

Is there any tolerance on the door sizes?

  • Up to approx 17mm in height

How long will delivery take?

  • 21-28 days

Is Your Style Sliding Doors on social media?

  • Yes. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Pinterest. Please see our footer for more information.