12 Ways to Reinvent Your Sliding Wardrobe Door

It is true that sliding wardrobe doors can often be difficult to redecorate particularly when made of glass. However, this does not prevent one from wondering if it is actually possible to freshen up or refurbish a room’s sliding wardrobe door without having to buy a new one? Thankfully, in spite of the limitations often posed by the nature of these doors, there are still a good amount of options and designs that are available to renew sliding wardrobe doors without actually ruining them. Thus, this article will discuss 12 ways you can reinvent your sliding wardrobe door and give your living room, bedroom, or office the makeover it merits.

Add Mirrors

mirrored sliding wardrobe doors

Who would have thought adding mirrors to wardrobe doors could spice up a room? Apart from providing additional ways to check out your attires, mirrored sliding door panels tend to brighten up a room and give it more visual space thereby providing the illusion of making a room feel and look much bigger than it really is.

Paint It

painted sliding wardrobe doors

Yes, it might get your hands dirty but you can give your wardrobe a dash of style by painting the doors. What’s more? Painting your wardrobe doors does not have to be bland either; for example, you could use stencils to make the doors more artistically interesting, or draw stripes across them.

Replace With Curtains

curtain sliding wardrobe doors

Whilst replacing sliding wardrobe doors with full-length curtains, drapes or pieces of fabric could be seen by some as somewhat informal, they can still improve the look of a room and make it less boring. In this case there are at least two options available to the decorator. For example, you could use a simple solid coloured or patterned curtain material, a voile or sheer curtain as they are often very thin and let light through to give the room a more open appeal.

Cover In Wallpaper

Wall coverings can also be used to revamp sliding wardrobe doors. For example, you could use a self-adhesive, peel-and-stick, removable or temporary wallpaper like Tempaper to add some creativity to your room. Whilst doing so might appear to be quite simple and straight to the point, it also offers a good opportunity to be inventive.

Try Felt or Cork

felt or cork sliding wardrobe doors

Believe it or not, felt is a viable option for replacing your sliding wardrobe doors. Whilst this might not be a popular option amongst many readers, at least you could have have as many post-it notes or pins as you might like on display in a room. Who needs a notice board, eh?

Replace With Shoji Screens

shoji sliding wardrobe doors

Shoji sliding wardrobe doors originate from Japanese architecture and are made of translucent paper or plastic held together by wooden frames. This is also a viable option to traditional sliding doors when you need to redesign a room.

Disguise with Film

film sliding wardrobe doors

Consider disguising your interior sliding doors with translucent, frosted or plain window film. Doing so can emphasise the desired theme of a room, personalise, change or even add more style to it.


chalkboard sliding wardrobe doors

The use of (black or white) chalkboard paint is a great way to liven a sliding wardrobe door particularly in the children’s bedroom. This is perhaps the only wardrobe design facelift that will allow kids to have fun learning and interacting with sliding doors by writing and drawing on them

Change Handles

change sliding wardrobe door handle knob lock

Sometimes changing the sliding wardrobe door’s handle could be all you need to give it a facelift. Indeed, there are many stylish door knobs and handles that can add personality to a room and generally change the room’s appearance. Apart from being possibly the cheapest option in this article, it could also be the least time consuming option when it comes to redecorating your room.

Apply Vinyl Stickers

vinyl decals or stickers sliding wardrobe doors

Applying vinyl decals on your sliding wardrobe doors is another way to add a bit of excitement and creativity to a room.

Privacy Film or Spray

privacy film spray sliding wardrobe doors

When used, especially on glass or mirrored wardrobe doors, privacy film or spray tend to add a completely different look and feel to a room.

Remove Doors

office nook sliding wardrobe doors

Another option is to settle for an open shelving look. This can be done by removing the sliding doors completely to create an office nook inside your closet. Advocates of this method argue that it helps to keep them tidy.