5 Uses of Sliding Doors You Never Thought Of

By February 10, 2015 Sliding Wardrobe Doors

When we think of sliding doors, what really comes to mind? You will be amazed by the number of people who just can’t think past wardrobe doors whenever they hear the word “sliding”.  Perhaps, when it comes to sliding doors, the wardrobe comes to mind because it is widely used in bedrooms or indeed office environments. However, if you take a minute and think of it, sliding doors are also very useful in other environments indoors, outdoors or on the go. So, here are 5 uses of sliding doors you may have or haven’t thought about.

Sliding Car Doors

sliding car doors

Sliding car doors have always been common place on mini buses however, they are becoming increasingly popular in the UK particularly on multi-purpose vehicles (MPVs) and 7 seaters or people carriers. It tends to make it easier for passengers to board or disembark from a vehicle due to its simple suspension from the door track which allows it to slide back and forth in a horizontal position.

 Sliding Barn Doors

sliding ban doors

Sliding barn doors can be used in interiors as well as exteriors. However, we are beginning to see more of these sliding doors in interiors because they tend to lend their simplistic, authentic, and practical use to any space with their rugged beams and sturdy hardware. In addition, sliding barn doors can also appear stylish with a traditional touch of class.

Sliding Wardrobe Doors

sliding wardrobe doors

Sliding wardrobe doors are usually fitted in bedroom or office walls to help store and preserve personal items. They tend to help maximise space and add a sense of style to a room. Sliding wardrobe doors come in different materials including wood, mirror and glass. You can find more information on these kinds of sliding wardrobes on our website.

Sliding Patio Doors

patio sliding doors

A sliding patio door typically consist of a large glass sliding door providing access from a room (e.g. bedroom, dining or living room) to the outdoors (e.g. garden, deck, balcony or terrace). With stylish frames, sliding patio doors provide more natural light, unobstructed visibility and freshness to a property without compromising on space or energy efficiency.

Sliding Shower Doors & Enclosures

sliding shower door

Sliding shower doors and enclosures are suitable for smaller area to maximise space inside and outside a shower as the doors neither opens inwards into the showering space or outwards into the bathroom. In addition, with a range of sizes, frames and panels available, sliding glass shower doors (also known as bypass shower doors) can also add a variety of styles and designs to a bathroom.