6 Door Design Ideas for Redecorating Your Bedroom

Like fashion, there comes a time when you sort of get bored of your bedroom decoration. At this point, redecorating your bedroom is no longer an option, it is a must. However, while changing your sliding wardrobe doors or wardrobe design could be an option as in our previous article, changing your door designs could be a more practical alternative for adding comfort, design and style to a room. Therefore, this article will give you a few door design ideas that can be useful for bedroom redecoration purposes.

Sliding Doors

sliding doors

Sliding doors come in all shapes and sizes as shown in our Uses of Sliding Doors article. However, when it comes to bedroom furniture and design, usage may be limited to sliding wardrobe doors or sliding patio doors. In spite of your choice, sliding doors can add a new look and elegance to a room. In addition, they can be made to measure which makes them incredibly functional, practical and potentially compatible with any style.

Louvered Doors

louvered doors

Louvered doors also have many uses. Whilst typically used in wardrobes, they can also be found in standard doorways. As a suitable alternative to common doors, they tend to add sophistication to a room with the customary rows of wooden, PVC or plastic boards.

Pocket Doors

pocket doors

If you want something different you should consider pocket doors. Apart from being good at saving space, they can also be decorative thereby adding a modern and stylish look to a bedroom. In addition, their changeability makes them ideal for showcasing different facets of your home.

Mirrored Doors

mirrored doors

Mirrored doors are also commonly used in sliding wardrobes. They have a tendency of making a room appear bigger than it really is thereby enhancing the bedroom space. Likewise, they come in a variety of styles and personalisation options with your imagination being the only limitation.

Bi-fold Doors

bifold doors

Bi-folding doors generally increases your living space by providing easy access between rooms or outdoor and indoor space. Furthermore, they have the tendency of making a bedroom appear slick and up-to-date with the variety of designs and styles available to them.

Curtain or Blind Doors

curtain doors

Curtains or blinds are not only useful for providing light control to a room, they can also be good for redecorating a bedroom. Indeed, they offer aesthetic design flexibility and a wide range of visual effects.

blind doors

Whilst they might not be a popular option, the fact that they can save a lot of money as you don’t have to worry about buying and installing separate window treatments could easily change your mind.