7 Benefits of Mirrored Sliding Wardrobe Doors

You should already know how to differentiate a conventional wardrobe with hinged doors from a sliding wardrobe door. Likewise, it should be pretty clear what differences exist between normal sliding doors and mirrored sliding doors. Considering the choices available to the average user today, it is perhaps a good idea to discuss some of the benefits of mirrored sliding wardrobe doors. Note that some of the advantages discussed below can also be applied to regular sliding wardrobe doors and are therefore denoted by an asterisk.

mirrored sliding wardrobe doors

Styling Options

Mirrored sliding wardrobe doors comes with a wide range of styling and personalisation options and come in almost every shape and size you can possibly imagine. For example, users can personalise the colours and finishes of tracks and panels. Likewise, you could choose from a vast array of mirror styles including lacquered glass, decorative mirrors, coloured glass, shaded glass, partly frosted mirrors, wood grains or even a combination of styles to suit your room and taste.

Multiple Uses

Since mirrored sliding storage tends to be stylish, therefore they can be used in multiple areas of the home or office and fit right in. For example, for storing office supplies in an office, DVDs in the living room, or shoes and clothing in the hallway. In addition, mirrored sliding wardrobe doors can also be used as a dressing mirror or for dance practice sessions and exercising.

Make Room Bigger

A mirrored sliding door is notorious for making smaller rooms appear bigger than they actually are.

Quick and Easy Access*

Unlike hinged wardrobe doors, sliding mirror doors provide easy access through a single door width without having to open and shut multiple doors to reach various objects.

Maximise Space*

Maximising space is one of the most well known benefits of a mirrored sliding wardrobe door. This means that you can make the most of the available room in your bedroom, living room or wherever you choose to have the furniture placed whilst saving necessary space for other furniture.

Maximise Storage*

Unlike regular wardrobes, you can make full use of all the space in your wardrobe for storage. For example, as it is built directly into the wall and can reach up to ceiling heights, the wardrobe interior could be organised into a fantastic internal storage solution with hanging rails, shelves, boxes, racks, drawers etc. in spite of the available room space.

Wide Reach*

Since there are no swinging doors to content with, you could easily reach every nook and cranny of your wardrobe through its mirrored sliding doors.

Overall, mirrored wardrobe doors come with a wide array of benefits and possibilities for a home owner or office user. Their versatility means that they can be used for multiple purposes and can enhance a room either by adding style and substance to it or making it appear bigger than it actually is. It should therefore be a no-brainer that when given a choice or simply asked the questions, mirrors or no mirrors?, you should always go for a mirrored wardrobe.