Sliding Wardrobe Doors: How To Get It Right

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Unlike most furniture that tend to go out of fashion, sliding wardrobe doors are here to stay. Despite several changes in interior decoration over the years, this timelessness could be attributed to their flexibility and overall aesthetic appeal. In addition, practicality and the ability to maximise space, lighten up and beautify a room are just some of the many reasons why sliding wardrobe doors are still on demand by individuals and businesses. However, in spite of their popularity, when it comes to buying or building a custom sliding wardrobe door, it is just as easy to get it wrong. This article will therefore discuss some ways to get it right first time.

See What’s On Offer

Sliding wardrobe doors come in all shapes and sizes. Considering the wide range of options that are available in relation to patterns, colours, and style, it is very important to take some time out to investigate the possibilities before actually committing to a design. Gone are the days where users are limited to simple and plain decorations for the sake of it. In fact, you don’t have to be an interior designer or decorator to add character and life to your room through a sliding wardrobe door. Our Online Wardrobe Designer Tool is a good example of the kind of options that are available on your fingertip through the Internet. Thus, you should explore every option that is available to you online and offline before making a decision.

Be Creative: Think Outside the Box

What typically comes to mind when sliding wardrobe doors are mentioned is a plain glass or finished wood sheet in an aluminium panel. However, you’d be surprised at how much you can customise sliding wardrobe designs through your simple imagination. The possibilities are endless and you can only be limited by your mind.  For example, picture sliding wardrobe doors (decorated with photographs, and captions that mean a lot to you), mirror sliding wardrobe doors, classic frame doors, shaker frame doors, slimline frame doors, and oriental style doors are just a few designs that can blend well with any accent or theme.  Likewise, other options include a combination of unusual patterns and materials that are widely available in the market such as painted or bamboo frames with translucent paper doors and cedar sliding door screens. Thus, there are so many ways to be creative and the choice is yours.

Suit Your Style

Thanks to the availability of multiple sliding wardrobe design options, there is something for everyone in spite of individual requirements. For example, specialist wardrobe companies such as Your Style Doors Ltd. tend to recommend numerous design possibilities that could be deployed to meet specific needs such as saving space, making a room appear bigger, blocking out belongings you don’t want others to see, or for pure aesthetic purposes. In addition, you could bring a dull room back to live with the right interior décor and wardrobe doors that will reflect more light into the room and complement its symmetry. In a similar fashion, you could choose a modern-styled wardrobe door over a more traditional one depending on the already existing theme of room all in an effort to suit your style.